We are a group of young and dynamic professionals providing website and software development services.

Agora Web Studio is dedicated to producing innovative web solutions to our customers to help them better market their products and accomplish maximum customer satisfaction. Our team of web developers possesses top-notch technical and designer skills working under the supervision of liaison managers, who are responsible for working closely with the customers to better understand the nature of their operations and tailor the website to their needs. Although our company is a relatively new player on the market, the pace of our development will allow us to grow into one of the leading companies in the industry in the nearest future.  

Our philosophy is to be mindful of our customers’ limited time and deliver top class and most-tailored solutions to them under tight deadlines.

To keep dynamism we try to constantly upgrade our team members’ skills to keep them abreast of cutting-edge developments in the profession. That said, our customers will benefit from continued service as we try to nurture long-term relationship to further support their growth and new needs.

Agora Software Development Studio – Software development is our second line of service. Currently we are finalizing work on user-friendly software solution for micro-finance organizations and micro-financial institutions. Our flagship software nicknamed as ‘DOM’ (Daily Operations Management) is designed to help its users organize financial flows and stocks related to such operations as lending, currency exchange and money transfers.

The Applications are developed by using n-tiered client server architecture. Technologies used are: .NET Framework, SQL Server 2008 R2 as database server, WCF Services for connection between client and server. Applications are capable of flexibly expanded to changing business tasks.

The software is for a large array of users including tellers, cashiers, operators as well as company managers. Once the software is finalized and marketed, we will continue further refining the product to expand its capabilities and catch up with the new developments.

Our approach comprises of four key elements under one heading:  Analyze, Plan, Produce and Deliver (APPD) Analyze: Once we have listened to our prospective customers and understood their needs we will conduct a thorough analysis and develop a concept. Plan: After the concept development we put together a dedicated implementation team headed by a project manager and design a detailed plan, which we share with the customer to align our expectations. Produce: The plan will contain specific milestones to ensure quality and timely delivery. Deliver: After the product has been developed and tested, the project manager is ready to deliver...
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