“DOM” – the “Daily Operations Management” software is the end product of a thorough research and the practical operational experience. The software allows any Micro Finance Institution to manage its routine operations such are lending (e.g. pawn shop, mortgages, consumer loans, car loans, and blank loans), currency exchange operations, and money transfer services. It is equipped with all necessary transaction modules to conduct all types of operations within the company network. DOM, which has a user friendly interface and is technically very versatile, will significantly facilitate MFI daily operations. DOM is intended for all types of users including cashiers & tellers, credit officers and managers, general managers and most importantly will ensure the perfect satisfaction of its customers.

"DOM" - the general module is developed to cover whole spectrum of operations for Micro Finance Organizations, Pawn Shops, Currency Exchanges, Credit Unions and some other types of credit organizations, such as Lending, Currency Trading, and Money transfers.

As mentioned above the software consists of different, separate types of modules, hence AGORA Solutions is able to offer  parts of it to other legal entities such are Money Transfer providers, Currency Exchange Outlets and chains, Credit Unions.


Up to Date
Releasing loan module
Working on loan module
September, 2012
Adding necessary report forms
Developed some necessary report forms for tellers and cashiers, and also for managers.
February, 2012
Improving second version
Improved money transfer module, namely money transfer statistic forms were added and created agent correspondent balance form, where in real time it is able to control the balances between the agent and sub agent. Also a unique module was created in order to reconcile the money transfer balances.
October, 2011
Release of second version
The first version was upgraded and was added money transfer component. According to National Bank of Georgia’s regulation a new form was implemented - for STR (Suspicious Transaction Reports) reports .
August, 2011
First version release
First version consisted the currency exchange service modules and modules for cash balances for tellers and joint balances.
January, 2011
Starting the project “DOM”
Microfinantial Organization Bonaco
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